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Are you either new to horse racing, a professional, or simply looking for a system that really works?

Racextra has rapidly become one of the leading statistical horse racing system analysis services available. Our unique and very different approach appeals to all types of horse racing enthusiasts, including amateurs and professionals.

Our methods and ratings have been designed from the ground up giving you the ability to track and monitor every detail of forthcoming races. You will have access to a vast array of information which you can then arrange in your own workable format. The difficulties of tracking, monitoring and making sense of horse racing information will at last be a thing of the past.

No other horse racing service in the UK gives you the ability to not only access years of data but also to utilise our unique functionality, with the specific view of improving your knowledge and success.


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Our Horse's Of Interest Winners for the last 7 days

Takingrisks 25/1,   Bellevarde 25/1,   Change Ur Tune 20/1,   Merchant House 20/1,   El Gumryah 20/1,   Major Valentine 16/1,  

Uno Mas 14/1,   Majestic Dawn 12/1,   Time Stands Still 11/1,   Ornate 10/1,   Great Dame 9/1,   Kirkland Forever 8/1,  

Clerisy 8/1,   Orrisdale 8/1,   Day Of Roses 8/1,   Tobefair 15/2,   Top Breeze 15/2,   Lufricia 7/1,  

Lyrical Attraction 7/1,   Cappananty Con 13/2,   Conron 13/2,   Wall Of Sapphire 13/2,   Incentive 6/1,   Castletown 6/1,  

Lucky Beggar 6/1,   Contingency Fee 11/2,   Mahlermade 11/2,   Wazowski 11/2,   Conundrum 11/2,   Lady Samback 11/2,  

Copacabana Dancer 5/1,   Shanroe 5/1,   Molly The Dolly 5/1,   Legends Gold 9/2,   Mohaather 9/2,   Matterhorn 9/2,  

Gentile Bellini 9/2,   Zabeel Prince 9/2C,   Mister Whitaker 4/1C,   Beringer 4/1,   Sundance Star 4/1F,   Ventura Gold 4/1,  

Lunar Jet 4/1,   Austrian School 4/1J,   Living Legend 4/1,   Imaging 7/2,   Johnny Cavagin 7/2,   Boston Bruin 100/30,  

Eden Rose 3/1,   Steelriver 3/1F,   Leodis Dream 3/1F,   Eritage 3/1,   Kastasa 3/1,   River Bray 3/1,  

Glenn Coco 3/1,   Contingency Fee 3/1F,   Global Warning 3/1F,   Queen Of Desire 11/4F,   Amor Fati 11/4J,   Encapsulation 11/4F,  

Pearlman 11/4,   Fox Champion 5/2,   Azzuri 5/2F,   Another Reason 5/2J,   Gantier 5/2,   Shine So Bright 5/2,  

The Cruising Lord 5/2,   Kupatana 2/1F,   Malangen 2/1,   Secret Investor 2/1F,   Primal Focus 2/1F,   Ballybough Nora 2/1F,  

Name The Wind 2/1,   Ask Dillon 2/1J,   Kick On 2/1,   Lord Lamington 2/1,   Epaulement 15/8F,   Prince Dundee 15/8F,  

Lexington Empire 15/8F,   Dashel Drasher 15/8F,   Boomarang 7/4,   Decrypt 7/4F,   Birkenhead 13/8F,   Inspired Thought 13/8F,  

Top Rank 6/4F,   Maqsad 6/4F,   Rubenesque 6/4F,   Ontheropes 6/4F,   The Jean Genie 6/4F,   Empire Line 11/8F,  

Wild Shot 11/8F,   Electric Ladyland 11/8,   Miss Snossyboots 5/4F,   The Daley Express 5/4F,   Whoshotthesheriff 5/4F,   Clayton 6/5F,  

King's Advice 6/5F,   Gamain 6/5F,   Sausalito Sunrise 11/10F,   Telecaster 10/11F,   Zulu Zander 10/11F,   Raise You 10/11F,  

Monarch Of Egypt 9/10F,   Minella Bobo 5/6F,   Melekhov 5/6F,   Empire State 4/6F,   Kasbah 8/13F,   War Diary 4/7F,  

Glinger Flame 1/2F,   Alminoor 4/9F,   Sir Ron Priestley 4/9F,   Kachy 4/9F,   Ferretti 2/5F,   Lady Kermit 1/4F,  

South Pacific EvensF,  

Racextra is not a betting or tipping service. Any subsequent bets are placed at your own risk. Please visit gambleaware.co.uk

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